You spend half your life at the workplace - make it greener

Indoor plants improve the microclimate in offices - they clean and moisturize the air 

 Houseplants release about 97% of the water they take in - this helps relieve dry skin, sore throats and dry coughs

 Green color calms and improves well-being

 Increases productivity by absorbing carbon dioxide and freshening the air is not just an ordinary flower shop, as it might seem, but a whole team of designers and gardeners with extensive knowledge of the latest trends in landscaping, as well as plant care and peculiarities. 

We work every day to provide green offices, restaurants, terraces and various types of events for our clients. When someone wants to green the office, we are ready to help. will save you the trouble of looking for the right plants and flower pots. Our expert visits the office to personally evaluate the space where the plants will be located - he will evaluate the temperature, lighting, design in general, and then based on the client's wishes, we will find appropriate plants, including decorative pots. Then we will deliver the plants and decorative pots, directly to the location of each plant, where it can flourish, green and most importantly please the employees every day. By the way, this pleasure of evaluation and preparation of the offer is completely free of charge.